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Friday, October 06, 2006

LORI'S SUCCESS STORIES: Help me with my patent purchase!

It's been a really big season for patent leather, as it should be. Patent is rich looking, chic, shiny and gorgeous. Hurrah!

But did you know that it's also delicate and much less durable than "regular" leather? It is. Therefore, it deserves special attention.

When customers make patent purchases, we're always quick to give them a few pointers. These are from Lori's Associate Seanna, who's seen it all with this snazzy and unique material.

*Keep your patent out of heat. So, although you may want to, don't display your patent perfection in the window. Direct sunlight could make it melt. Oh no!

*Store your glossy goody carefully. We suggest a dust bag or perhaps a pillow case because patent will pick up color from other patents and materials.

*Use mild soap. Just a bit of mild soap and a clean wet cloth will go a ways in keeping your purchase lookin' like new. Remember, be gentle!

Now you're ready to keep your fab find in great shape. Enjoy!

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