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Friday, October 13, 2006

THIS WEEK'S HOT LIST: Lamica boots

Lamica boots are in... both literally and fashionably, we mean.

Not long ago, Lori's received the season's first shipment of Lamicas. Boots we love for their fantastic leather, superb quality and great price (see for yourself!).

But it doesn't stop there! Lamicas also have to-die-for Italian styling; the brand has created a wonderful, yet subtle, Western look that's currently the choice of casually chic Milano fashionistas. It's no wonder that Lamica boots are now peppered all over our most recent best seller lists!

Other hot numbers are the HUE tights and Susan Daniels headbands. Check our newest silk, coif-covers here.

Of course with the city's earliest recorded snowfall ever taking place this week (!), look for functionally fashionable items like San Deigo Hat Company hats and La Canadienne boots next week!

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