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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Almost as Much Fun as Family Feud: Our Survey

OK, let's just get this out of the way first: we love Richard Dawson. No one ever insulted well-deserving game show contestants with such finesse as the Kissing Bandit. We've also never laughed so hard as when a gentleman of a certain age declared "Alligator" the answer to "An animal with three letters in its name." It was the only possible topper to his rival's "Frog." Imagine milk spurting out of our collective noses. Or, uh, hum; that's kind of gross ... just imagine us laughing really hard. Like, crying.

So this got us to thinking that what we needed over here at Lori's was a survey of our own. Since we can't see you, hear you or hide when you approach, we thought getting your opinion the only sensible alternative. We take our customer service very seriously, breezy and insouciant blogging aside.

We want to know how we can do what we do, but do it better. How does our website look? What shoes do you want us to carry? Who does it better? Are you even reading this?

Why, you venture to ask, do you want my opinion? Ah, Gentle Reader, the answer is that during one of our nefarious meetings in our dark, secret, evil (but pretty awesome) marketing lair we realized the key to global shoe retail domination lay in your hands. We know! We were shocked as well! Respect the customer? The marketers weren't happy and they sulked about in our lair until we tacked on an appeal to Mammon. That earned a hearty round of MWEW-HOO-HA-HA!s and everyone was happy.

The result is 10 questions (so easy!) and a $5 discount (free money!) that we hope you take more seriously than this posting. So please take a moment and help us improve our site and our selection. We look forward to your opinions.

Survey Says ...

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