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Friday, June 20, 2008

Materials, Girl.

We're excited by a range of new materials hitting our jewelry shelves of late. We blogged a while back about natural wood and precious metal combinations like Blue Wild Indigo and Tashi.

Be-Je Designs has taken a different tack: enamel. There is something about the slick surface of enamel that is irresistibly touchable. It's tough, has great luster and, when coated selectively over a base metal like stainless steel, has a great play between the metallic sheen and enameled gloss.

With so many materials available this season, we thought we'd ask you what you prefer. Are you into off-beat woods and industrial-cum-chic surfaces like enamel? Or are you a more classic gold and silver gal? Embroidery? Something else? Take a vote and let us know!

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