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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Lori's in the News: ShopWalk

Lori's -- online, in-store -- is no stranger to crowds. (It's a common misconception that Milton coined the term "Pandemonium" for Satan née Lucifer's new digs once kicked out of heaven; we think it's more apropos of the Armitage store on a Saturday afternoon.) However, we are bracing ourselves: the ladies of ShopWalk are descending and they're bringing determined shoppers and the folks at NBC along for the ride.

The brainchild of Chicago entrepreneur Danielle Lutz, ShopWalk is an urban safari of local boutiques and independent retailers that is no callow endeavor. Michigan Avenue and chain stores are strictly verboten, emphasis being placed on the small, the unique, the tucked-away. Shops are researched, routes are planned, agendas created and deposits taken. Groups meet in a local cafe to discuss their plan of attack and then? The attack.

Guided tours mean no maps, no lost ways and plenty of time to concentrate on the shopping. Stores participate with day-long discounts, champagne, hors d'oeuvre and plenty of personal attention. Lutz likewise acts as personal stylist to her group, transforming a shopping trip into a lifestyle revamp.

And Lori's is on the list. We're spiffing up the place, straightening boxes and rearranging the merch. Our floor staff is running drills and we're icing down the beverages. In short, we'll put our best foot forward (probably in a cute pump) and ready ourselves for the professionals.

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