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Monday, July 28, 2008

Rise of the House of Ugg.

A couple-few years ago when Ugg put forth their Baby Blue and Baby Pink Classic Boots and Oprah added them to her Summer List, the fashion world came slightly unhinged in a mad, avaricious scrabble to claw them up and parade about in pastel sheepskin. Uggs were the new narcotic; those softly shapeless moonboots with the fleece on the inside were everywhere, in every weather.

And then they were gone. A season changed and so did the style. Those fluffy boots in baby colors vanished overnight. Ugg seemed down but, as we'd find, far from out.

The renaissance began about a year ago when Ugg opened flagship stores in Chicago, New York and Montreal. Flagship stores. (yes -- plural!) For Uggs. Clearly there was more to these purveyors of sheepskin than we'd suspected. Approach fall of 2008 and with it, a deluge of new styles in updated, more adult colors and styles.

The tall Classic is back in a troika of grays, along with some house-happy Cozy slippers and moccassins.

We were particularly impressed with the Cove style. With a shorter legging, thong ties, shearling edges and welted rubber sole, this bootie has Minnetonka stylings and, we think, better performance in sloshy weather. Plus, that color? Fieldstone? Sold. (Also available in Toast and Black.)

But not everyone is. Even amongst our staff we have our Ugg partisans and the rebel alliance committed to "heels or not leaving the house." The pro-Ugg contingent espouse the Ugg's comfort, their warmth in winter and cool relief in summer (-30F to +80F according to the official website), their supreme easiness. The protesters, too, point to their supreme easiness, citing Uggs as an enabler of the poorly put-together. To which the Ugg-friendly reply well at least we're comfortable and not so stuck-up and then the Ugg-uneasy say well at least our boyfriend didn't dump us at Christine's party last Saturday and then someone throws a piece of leftover birthday cake from the breakroom and it's a time-out for everybody.

So we may as well ask you:

No matter what your opinion (or ours), we think this season's collection is the strongest we've seen (especially that Cove, calling to us with it's Siren song in the boot aisle ... ) And speaking of sailors, we'll leave you with this little tidbit. (He must be a fan ... we're pretty sure he's wearing the black Kohalas).

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