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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Give an Inch ...

Super sexy heels have enjoyed special attention this year as they rise to the improbable six-inch mark and beyond. We are seeing it all over the runway, the magazines, the fashion sites. (Just ask Bill Cunningham at the New York Times.) We see it on pumps, on boots, on, well, everything except flats. For a moment we wondered if all the teetering and tottering and inevitable sore feet were worth the look. Then we came to our senses. Of course it is worth the look. The answer to "height" is always "yes." Our quest for world domination through sexy feet demands it.

We're working on the assumption that Christian Louboutin's Babel boots ($1,425 at Net-a-Porter) might be a smidge pricey, given that we're now saving to cover our share of the SEVEN HUNDRED BILLION DOLLARS needed to bail out Wall Street (quick calculation ... $2,300 per every man, woman and non-tax-paying child in the U.S.). So we thought we'd put together some more affordable options.

Daino's 2850s are similar in style and height to the Babel with a nearly four-inch heel. (And we never said this but perhaps a little Testor's red gloss enamel, a #6 oil brush and a half-hour and, well, we never said it.) It's leather forever as these knee-highs lengthen and cover your legs. This look references the Goth trends we've been seeing this fall -- a heavy influence of blacks and leathers with an emphasis on hardware and layered jewelry. It's darkly sophisticated, but paired with a long, flowing skirt(s) you'll mute the gloom and create a sealed and polished look that speaks to your urban sophistication.

Daino 2850 with fall looks by Marios Schwab and Halston.

Likewise, we'd love a pair of Missoni's crocodile booties ($5,695 at Missoni New York), but since we're currently down more than 5% net worth, we're just as happy with Pour La Victoire's Lea in black patent croco print. (And, truthfully, we'd be just as happy with it if we were ahead.)

The four-inch heel gives you lift while its sexy curves finish off the lines of your calf, ankle and down through your heel for a sleek, polished look. We love -- LOVE -- the wide-cut opening here which makes the foot look smaller, draws attention to our darling ankles and evinces a general playfulness. The purposeful gapping and brassy pattern plays off against pencil skirts and streamlined, basic silhouettes for a sexy-librarian chic.
Pour La Victoire's Lea and Missoni's salivatingly beautiful crocodile boot.

But enough about us. We want to hear what you think of the high heel trend. Take our poll below and sound off!

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