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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thank You, New Yorker

We're a touch tardy on this shout-out, but a big thanks to Patricia Marx for her article in last week's The New Yorker ("Sole Sisters" September 1, 2008) which summed up our shoe philosophy in one master stroke:

"With the possible exception of ... a few others, men don't get it when it comes to shoe shopping. (Women, you may skip this paragraph.) A woman loves trying on shoes because she can do it without taking off her clothes. So, no matter how fat or unlovely she feels, she can slip into a Giuseppe Zanotti silver stiletto sandal with a crystal-encrusted skeleton of a trout swimming up her ankle and, just for a moment, believe that she is as come-hitherish as her foot (Bergdorf Goodman; $850)."

And just as we finished adding Ms. Marx's quote, we happened upon this comic in the very next issue by one of our personal favorites, Alex Gregory (available online):

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