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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

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With the economy looking about as bright as Charon's cloak at midnight on the Styx we wouldn't be surprised if those all those golden handcuffs on Wall Street had lost some of their luster. Fortunately there are some gilt ties by which we wouldn't mind being bound, and they cost about as much as said ferry ride (adjusted for inflation, of course). We're talking about gold chain necklaces, a look by YSL made must-have by Beyonce in this month's InStyle.

If you, like us, don't have the odd thousand dollars for the couture version, take a look at the Lori's exclusive available for a much more attractive thirty bucks. Each link in this sturdy chain is composed of 40-50 overlapping metal cups, creating an armadillo-like carapace that allows for great flexibility. When strung together, they form a golden tractor chain of a necklace looking hefty enough to restrain a junkyard dog ... if that junkyard were a scrapheap of discarded precious metals.

We know that all that glitters isn't gold. (Sometimes it may be silver or pewter.) Lucky for you these metallic manacles come in various finishes to compliment a range of looks (and we'll refer you also to the mesh versions).

For the slight of neck and short of haircut, you may able to double loop the chain for a choker effect, though we will be the first to admit that while the links are sturdy, the internal wire has its limits. No matter. Looped once about the neck this chain falls past the sternum, giving you that coveted Medieval chamberlain look, which is to say je ne sais quoi, mais nous l'aimons.

In all seriousness we like it as shown on the mannequin with a high-collared greatcoat or Melton wool peacoat where it peeks out of soft woolen folds for a marked contrast; a bit of the old ultrabrilliance under more sober togs.

And given the soberness of things, we don't mind a bit of bright optimism as both winter weather and wilting dollars curtail our good mood. Wearing this chain makes us feel both stylish and thrifty. We feel good. We think of a future, none too soon, when we might climb, Orpheus-like, out of this gloom toward a brighter living.

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