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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

A Fur Thing

Our heartfelt congratulations to President-Elect Obama.

Talk about winds of change. It is finally November. It is finally post-November 4th. Yes, we did. And besides emerging in a state of bliss from 21 months of a grueling political pit fight, we're also hunkering down for chilly winter winds finally heading our way. If there's one thing we've learned from endless stump speeches it's that hot air rises (cue rimshot). While we're finished getting all hot-headed about this race, we recognize it is important to retain a little warmth during winter months. Thus: fur hats! (Well, faux fur. We're not savages, people.)

First up, the Trapper Hat in camel by San Diego Hat Company. We love it for its soft ultrasuede shell and the white fur with lightly speckled ends giving it an authentic look. The quilted polyester lining provides an extra layer of protection from the elements and ensures a comfortable fit. The traditional furry flip-up brim is irresistibly cute and the fur-lined flaps are sure to keep your ears toasty warm. Keep them fastened under the chin on a windy day, or flip up the sides for that laid-back, French-Canadian trappeur look everyone's after these days.

A steppe in the Russian (rimshot) direction is the pillbox Fur Hat by Grace Hats. Available in grey, beige and black (shown), we love its blocky, Eastern European styling. Available in a season of smartly tailored collections, the soft geometry of the Fur Hat feels right. As it should, being crafted from super-soft fur with a sateen lining. But don't equate its elegance with inefficiency: it's warmer than a knit hat and better looking too. And, hey, in the off-season it can double as a cozy for your Roomba.

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