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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

If You Wear It, Share It

When blogging wasn't pervasive enough, micro-blogging stepped up. Embodied by Twitter, the little app that could, the growing popularity of this online service is becoming hard to deny ... or avoid. Funnel your Facebook profile updates through blogging software, limit it to 140 characters and you're a micro-blogger. Start posting updates from your phone and you've entered the heart of status-update addiction. You'll even convince yourself everyone cares what you're up to at that very moment.

But if services like Twitter are fascinating in the power of their simplicity, they also tend to be rather general, leading you to ask yourself, "Why ... ?" We may have an answer: currently in beta testing, Try My Fashion is a micro-blogging service dedicated to (and only to) wardrobe updates. Given the runaway success of sites like The Sartorialist, a significant portion of the online community does cares how you look.

We've been using Twitter at Lori's to keep you abreast of new products and promotions even before they are online (so maybe you should follow us). We're excited to share our love of shoes as part of a whole outfit on this new and, we hope, successful wardrobe site!

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