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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Those Pesky Servers!

Looks like giving an additional 40% off sale items for a couple days was a good idea: due to the overwhelming response, we've had a stumble in our checkout process. Between noonish and one-ish, our catalog reeled drunkenly in and out of being like a punchdrunk Rocky Balboa up against Clubber Lang. (Yes, we just compared our customers to Clubber Lang.)

We at Lori's assumed Burgess Meredith's role: we talked some sense and fortitude into it, monkeyed with some database-type stuff and got our catalog back on its feet and slinging shoes to all comers. We did nearly have a heart attack (just like Mickey!) when this happened and we will blithely skip over the amount of our embarrassment.

So: our apologies. We're keeping an eye on everything. If you had trouble accessing the sale section, it is now working. If you had trouble with an order, we are contacting you if we haven't already. In all cases, all our customers' personal information remains safe and encrypted in a secure server facility replete with power backups, guards, alarms and vicious, barking dogs.

Please do contact us at any time regarding present or future orders, comments or concerns: 773.281.5655 or 888.334.SHOE or email customer service.

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