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Friday, April 03, 2009

Now That's a Review!

We were trawling the Internets as is our wont when we stumbled across what may be the most enthusiastic and glowing review of Lori's we've seen in a long time. Many, many thanks to Erica G. for her wonderful review and witty repartee. Get in on the fun yourself by reviewing us on Yelp.

Can't believe I haven't reviewed Lori's, I LOVE Lori's. I have shopped here since the area was not as swank as it is now. I shop here today. I worship shamelessly at the Altar Of The High Heel. They're bad for your feet, but shut up - they're HOT! I can't wear them every day (woe is me!), but I can keep them in the Archives to bust out when necessary. Gorgeous, gorgeous shoes and bags (and jewelry and accessories!). I browse more than I buy, but that's a comment on my wallet, not Lori's selection.

I bought a pair of shoes here that I took on an imminent trip to India. The shoes were casual! shiny! cute! dressy! hot! comfortable! They were all that and a slice of vindaloo. I wore them OUT in the Subcontinent, and bid a tearful goodbye to them when I left them behind, gasping for breath in the throes of their demise, in a fleabag Chennai motel. They wished me well. But ohhh, did they serve me well - and stylishly - thru cities, villages, rickshaw rides, train cars and ghats.

The selection is, yes, that good. You will find the shoes here that will change your life. You heard it from me. :-)

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