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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Practical Girl

The buzzword on the street may be recessionista, but that's a little too precious for us. We don't love the idea of taking advantage of a bad economy to score some deals for our wardrobe – we're all in the middle of it! But it would be a mistake to deny that fashions aren't pegged to the Dow in one way or another.

Recall that old chestnut about rising stocks and hemlines? Well, as The Dow rollercoasters around we're seeing a return to the practical girl which makes the trend toward neutral hues great for summer. There's a downplay on glitz and embellishment (though by no means gone) and a renewed emphasis on good design and value. The neutrals and nudes we're carrying are versatile and apropos the warmer months. Pair them up with bright whites for a clean, easy, breezy look as fresh as laundry on the clothesline.

Lori's current favorites:

Graffiti's 3511 in Onyx & Brown is a chic twist on a simple sandal.

Jeffrey Campbell's Tier in grey steps up the style in a fantastic dove/milk chocolate combo.

Sniks's woven wedge in taupe suede is casual sophistication with a touch of huarache trend.

1 comment:

surely-shirley said...

Number two are obviously the best! Thanx for lovely pictures!

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