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Friday, May 08, 2009

Notes from New York: Tartan Plaids & Dark Flowers

We've been harping about the simple, natural look for a while. (Broken record, we know.) Don't expect it to end any time soon. In addition to leather-wrapped accessories, plaid is huge for fall. We're not talking grungy Seattle throwbacks or some new contemporary take. We're talking straight-up Highlands tartan. Forget anything south of Inverness: if it wasn't woven within site of Ben Nevis, it's not for fall.

Red is the dominant color. Not the berry and jewel tones seen in bags and jewelry, but regal, traditional red in traditional patterns. In addition to the paperboy caps that we're continuing to buy, tartan tam o'shanters – soft round caps with a brim, topped with a pom-pom – will be in the store and we're excited. Plaids will also pop up in our fall assortment of scarves and even a couple clutches.

Speaking of, expect to find flowers without the chintz. Darkly romantic flowers will show up on some bags. These blossoms are more deadly nightshade than American Beauty in blacks and deep hues made from raw silks with seams and unfinished edges.

The light and sunny of our natural look right now is going to take a lushly romantic turn in fall as designers explore the wilds of far-flung climes and aspects of nature that only bloom in the waning light.

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