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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Callsign Charlie.

Oh Charlie!

To the tune of Oh Jimmy
Charlie, Oh Charlie Mack /
When are you coming back? /
My feet were missin' you /
I couldn't wear my spring jeggings and cuff shorts without you ...


We sing with glee as we announce the return of Jeffrey Campbell's Charlie. This uber-popular, five-inch, wood heeled leather clog, makes its debut online and in Lori's stores this month. We are on pins and needles, biting our finger nails and preparing for battle: women everywhere vowing to fight to the death to be the envy of all with a pair of these beauties on foot.

Charlie is a long lost love who returns after a sudden disappearance, begging you back. You feel vulnerable, wounded, betrayed; he's irresistible. Would you make him wait? Would you grab him hungrily? Just look at him. Isn't he irresistible?

Well this heartbreaker sold out within minutes upon arrival last month, so we say jump. We mean it this time. Second chances don't roll around often. And wouldn't you rather be stylish than happy?

Oooooo! And we almost forgot. Before Charlie is displayed for sale, we are giving away a pair to a very lucky lady, as in giving-away-for-like-free.  Registration ends March 31st. Enter now to win.

So who loves Charlie the most. Is it you ... or you?


agnes said...


I live in France, and I am one of your biggest fans, your site is superb, and every day I just discover your new on your blog.

I love Lori's shoe.

And I always look forward, your new CHARLIE Jeffrey Campbell, I definitely want to have in my dressing room, I hope you fulfill my dreams of having these super models at my feet, I've already sent two messages while I wait ....
Good continuation and contuner to make us dream.
Agnes : agnes.etien@yahoo.fr
Best regards

Lori's Shoes said...

Thanks Agnes. We appreciate you! Good luck.

agnes said...

I await the results with impatience, I've never won anything in my life, so I hope to get these beautiful shoes

Best regards

Une française fan de vous chaussures

Lori's Shoes said...

Agnes, enchanté! Nous sommes très heureux tu aimes notre chaussures. Sont jolies! (Les aimons aussi.) Bonne chance dans notre giveaway du Jeffrey Campbell!

À bientôt,


agnes said...

Vous n'avez pas encore donner les résultats, comment connaitre l'heureuse élue ?
Fan de Lori's Shoe

agnes said...

alors il n'y a pas eu de gagnante, moi en tout cas,
j'attend toujours les résultats

Lori's Shoes said...

Agnes, bonjour! Nous avons une gagnant – une femme s'appelle Patricia de New Jersey. Bonne chance dans notre prochain concours!

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