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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Clash of the Titans?

The trends of Summer '09 are back with a made-to-order twist. Fringes, embellishment, fabric, buckles and booties ...are now conveniently located on your favorite new ancient sandal style. That's right: gladiators are back and stronger than ever.

Glads are a Spring must-have for every shoenista. They are comfortable, versatile and stylish. From sundress to casual suits, from day to night, whatever your style for the moment, the day or the foreseeable future, we've got gladiators to pull off your look.

For Spring/Summer 2010 we're rolling back the clock to, oh, say, 45 BC. Caesar's hanging around the Rubicon, those darned Gauls and Germans are acting up (again) and like usual the Appian Way is just a logjam at rush hour. Italian-made gladiator boots like the Janet and Janet 25025 (below) are perfect for urban trendsetters or the Praetorian Guard.
Not all of us are ready for a scrap; some of us are lovers. Like most art forms Roman, the original is Greek. We're happy Sam Edelman can channel this with the Damian (left) and Hazel. It's Clash of the Titans meets Sex in the City with Sam's jewel-embellished gladiator booties. Expect forward top detail like steel loops, crystal grommets, side buckles and polished stones. Try it by day with a casual suit or by night with skinny jeans and sequin top (of course, always fetching with an easy, everyday chiton).
Some of us are just a tad more patrician. For the Senatorial class, we've got Glammed Glads for shiny, classic, powerful fun. Boutique 9's Promised is an example of a classic thin, super-strapped glad.  Even with zipper hardware and metallic shine, it is a cool Spring sandal, perfect for a trip to the Aegean.  Spark up a basic black dress, but be sure not to overpower the shoe with accessories.  Let the Promised be your statement piece.
We all know if it's not about bread, it's about circuses. So send in the clowns! Colorful, bold and sassy gladiators have fringes and rich hues. This is what makes Industry SLS10-81GB so hot. Need we say more? Yes? OK! This Spring is all about colors: bold, rich and bright. Add a little fringe, some fabric and voil√†: a boho-chic piece.  Mix and match with other bold colors for pop or pair with a neutral outfit to make your shoe the star of the show.
Those Romans. Always incorporating from the countries they conquered! Especially those pesky Germanic tribes. Put some rebel in your gladiator look with this recipe: scarlet red lipstick, harem pants, Rachel Roy draped harem tank and Goth Glads. Very Gypsy, very Euro for our risk taker fashionistas. Dolce Vita Neve are studded, zipped and slimming for any foot.
 So: what Style are you?

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