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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Tricks of the Turban Trade

While rummaging through stacks of covered platforms, fringe-adorned gladiators and strappy, floral prints in preparation for our upcoming lookbook shoot, we had the oh-so-clever idea to take on the turban. Yes, I said it. TURBAN. Before you bash this divisive piece of headgear, hear me out.

The turban is a lot of look. If you can’t muster up the strength to tackle it full on, do it with a twist. You can "turban-ize" yourself in various ways: Classically tied, √° la Eartha Kitt or just wing it, adding a bit of your own personal flavor.

When I’m feeling boho, I like it knotted in the middle, dubbed “Moroccan Girl” style by Geri of Because I’m Addicted, ends tucked.  Or when my inner gypsy erupts, I like it folded in half, tied to the side or back, ends free.   The girly girl in me is also very into the “scarf-bow,” created by knotting and shaping the ends into the form of a bow.

Take a look-see below at our favorite Turban Tying Tutorial, courtesy of Because I’m Addicted:

Don’t forget to pair your turban 'do with a breezy maxi or cutoffs and a casual basic top.  

—Ashley Lacey, Lori’s Armitage Staff and creator of Stiletto Chic



skeletoes said...

Thanks for the video, Ive apparently been doing it the wrong way for awhile now..

Adriana said...

turbans are such a fun accessory in the summertime. I would typically use a colorful scarf as one. Do you recommend any other materials? Thanks!

Lori's Shoes said...

Thanks for reading, glad that it was helpful!

Skeletoes, we learn something new everyday, I was so glad to come across this video as well :)

Adriana, I, too, am so excited about the turban look for summer! Definitely grab a ton of colorful, patterned (ethnic prints, feminine florals, for example) scarfs for turban use. In terms of materials, I like to stick to actual scarves as turbans. If I am absolutely in love with a scarf's print, I will cut it down to reduce the size for turban tying :)

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