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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

More and Better: Enter the Model

So here's the deal, friends. You answer our survey (located on the homepage) and we take your suggestions to heart and try to make our site better. True, some times we roll our eyes maybe just a little bit or make faces or throw our hands in the air and head to Starbucks but MOSTLY we say "hey yeah ok let's do that." One of those things is the on-foot catalog shot.

Why haven't we done this before? Honestly? Because it is time-consuming and expensive. Why now? Because you want it and we have some very generous friends and we're imposing strict time limits on Facebook (but mostly the first two). We completely agree with you that seeing the shoe on a foot or a cuff on the wrist is incredibly valuable when making a decision about buying online. So we wanted to share some initial shots. They are also scattered throughout our catalog. Give us your opinion. We know we need more wardrobe (thanks American Apparel across the street!) and more styling (Any takers? Call us! We pay in hugs and kisses.), but this is a start and we're excited about it.

However we are not about excuses. We are about giving you awesome shoes and jewelry at great prices on a site that's kick-ass. Please take a look here and answer the poll. We read each and every poll and survey you fill out ... and take them all the heart (even the snarky ones).

And coming soon? Customer reviews. More ways to shop. More ways to save. Private sales. Un-private sales! Sales of every stripe! Lookbooks, cookbooks, cooked books, whatever you need to love us as much as we love to hear from you. So, in a word: thanks. And keep it comin'. We'll keep it going.

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