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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Rodarte Lights it up.

Lori's in Italy (don't even make us recount the harrowing 50 hours it took her to get there). While the cat's away ... the mice will scour the web for info on Fashion Week!

We've always been a fan of Rodarte. They're willingness to take and break trends – as well as fashion new ones from whole cloth – speaks to a restless curiosity and constant poking about at the boundaries of fashion to see what sisters Kate and Laura Mulleavy can see.

What happens when you cross the explosion of a textile mill with honky-tonk music? Fall 2010. Beneath the wrapped, twisted, patched layers of fabric and the varying weights and opacities and, yes, blacklight, were light up shoes. Yes! Light up shoes! We love. Our neighbor's kid had these; we simply never made the connection to the runway. That's why we write blogs and the Mulleavys design things. Jealousy aside, well done!

Thanks to @ThePopCulture and photographicpictures.com for posting images we could steal. Check out the show on showstudio.com.

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