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Monday, November 01, 2010

Designer Spotlight: Emerging Designer Shervin Arastoozad with Cut n' Paste

Shervin Arastoozad, designer of Cut N Paste handbags, has just settled for lunch and a chat at Au bon Pain. He has been enduring the trade show madness since his arrival from L.A. to Chicago for the StyleMax show in the Merchandise Mart. Despite the frantic pace, this 32-year-old designer takes the time to meet me. He has a heart of gold, passion and an amazing eye for boho-chic handbags.

Lori's picked up Cut N Paste in August with a 22-piece collection at the Accessories show. Nicole, Lori's accessories buyer, was taken by the fringe bag and it has been a favorite ever since. Shervin got his start with Urban Outfitters, designing a few pieces under the retailer's name. Now, he ships the Cut N Paste brand to several other retailers including Nordstrom.

Lori's:  Tell me about Cut N Paste.
Shervin:  If you look at the bags, you will see a lot of raw edge on them—patchwork and how the leathers are put together. When I was younger my dad was very artistic and I believe I picked up some things from him. I would always find all types of stuff—furniture, even clothing. I would cut things off of one and put it on the other. So when I put together this line, I noticed that all the bags had something in common was this raw edge that was actually cut-and-pasted together. It brought me back to my childhood and was kind of ironic of how I could bring it back to my brand now.

I come from a family business background in the industry as well. I was working with the company at the age of 22 and about 8 months ago I wanted to do something that showed me: bohemian, edgy and vintage. I wanted to show that in a bag.

Lori's: What are the inspirations behind the bag designs?
Shervin: I've never really studied fashion from the educational aspect of it, but I have always been a very fashionable person. My inspiration for this line really comes from women. I know that sounds cheesy, but when I see a woman I would like to be able to say "I want her to carry that bag."

I mean, a woman's handbag is how she identifies herself and sets her apart from others. I would say similar to shoes or perfume even. When you see a woman's bag, you start to get a feel of what type of woman she is.

Lori's: So who would be your muse?
Shervin: I love the girl who looks like she just woke up. Well not exactly, but you know, the "day after" look. I would say an earthy hipster—boho with some vintage style. She is definitely a trendsetter and has style. But not a brand follower per say. For instance, this type of bag is not a seasonal bag. It is something you could wear and after a couple of months of wearing it, you could put it away, bring it back after a year and it looks vintage, but it will never be out of style.

Lori's: So these are great investment pieces. Something to keep for years and years to come.
Shervin: Yeah, I would say so. They are not cheap, but not too expensive. They are priced quite modestly and flexible with styling. Basically, the price point is perfect for what you are getting.

Lori's: Who is your favorite shoe designer?
Shervin: I love Sam Edelman and Jeffrey Campbell. I remember seeing Jeffrey Campbell at a trade show a few years back. His display was set up really nice and his shoes were hot. I said to myself, this guy is going to be big. However, I also admire the founder of Tom Shoes, not so much for his designs, but the ethos behind the brand. What he does (giving one pair away with every purchased pair) is really cool.

Lori's: In your line, what is your favorite piece?
Shervin: I would have to say the fringe bag. It was my first and definitely the most popular. It is an all-season bag.

Lori's: What's next for Cut N Paste? 

Shervin: You know, that is a secret. Well, not really but I need time to get it together. But all I can say is it entails a little giving back. Stay tuned.

Shervin Arastoozad, Designer & Owner

 —Interviewed conducted by Shazza with Lori's Shoes


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I discovered your blog couple days ago and I have become obsessed. Your sense of style is absolutely classy.

Shervin said...

Thank You !

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