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Thursday, October 07, 2010

Jeffrey Campbell All-Ruffles

We do love footwear with contradictions. It gets our attention ... and keeps it. It might take a minute. We might let out a giggle, maybe a grimace, but after some deep thought we usually fall in love.

First thought: who would think to make over-sized frilly ruffles from distressed army-green leather? Who would then take those ruffles and belt them around a rugged combat boot? The answer is only someone as clever and daring as Jeffrey Campbell. And that's why we love it. The more you look at it, the cuter it gets. And it's surprisingly easy and versatile to wear!

The obvious look, of course, is to go military. Slip on some skinny jeans, sweater tights or leggings and pair with a T-shirt or off-the-shoulder sweater. Top with a jean or bomber jacket (dark rocker-chic accessories optional).

But don't limit yourself. The name is "All-Ruffles" so we can dress her up a bit too. Wear her over tights or knee socks with a boho floral skirt. Keep it casual and simple on top and add a vintage blazer to complete the look. 

If we haven't already convinced you of the beauty of this boot, consider this: the ruffles can be slipped right off for an instant, classic combat look. And once you've worn out All-Ruffles you can always use it as, well, a planter. How's that for a contradiction?

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