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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Lori on Lori's

Geniuses that we are, the Lori's Shoes creatives team conspired to do less work and still get paid. Our Tom Sawyer-like whitewashing paid off in spades when Lori agreed to do our job and write a post on how she wears fall styles. Muh-hoo-ha-ha-ha! Of course, after more than 25 years in the business, she knows more than all of us combined. We may have gotten off light, but you readers are the true winners. Enjoy!

If I had to define my style, I would describe myself as classic with an urban edge. Some of my favorite pieces are the simple black dress, the crisp white oxford shirt and the timeless button-down sweater. I make them look current with great accessories. I love to accessorize! I tend to wear pieces that are strong, current and bold (but never overpowering).

What I love about this season is the ease in pairing clothing and accessories. Just the other day I pulled out my brown Frye Veronica slouch boots, straight leg jeans and a classic, crisp white shirt. Then I layered in my favorite new La Vie Parisienne necklaces for a touch of the unexpected.

The military trend speaks to me this season. I'm putting this look together through Tipo's lace-up boots in brown leather and tight-fitting khaki cargo pants. Wear leg warmers over the khakis for a suped-up military look!

Another look I will be wearing is "vintage cozy": a plaid shirt with the ivory knit infinity scarf from Caroline Amato in ivory for $48.00. Did I mention that I love the leather fingerless gloves by also by Caroline Amato? Check out L770 for $64.00 The studs totally complete the look and add a bit of punch! (Heh.)

When I am feeling a little more grown up, a little more classic and a little less trendy, I
think Ralph Lauren. With romantic images of the Old West in mind, I'll wear a pair of my favorite classic riding boots—the Melissa by Frye. I love its cognac color. It is the perfect, denim-friendly neutral. Accessorize it with chunky gold jewelry; check out the above picture of me wearing the CCC bracelets with gold plates and saddle leather. The Hobo Touch Base cross-body bag completes the look.

I hope you enjoy some of my personal fashion statements for this season. Keep visiting our website to always get the most current, always interesting, always entertaining fashion news and ideas! And thanks for shopping at Loriʼs.

— Lori Andre


styleforlife said...

LOVE AND ADORE these bracelets, want, want!!
xx Emily from EL Vintage

Lori's Shoes said...

Well you can now have it. We posted it to our on-line shop yesterday. http://www.lorisshoes.com/product.asp?lt=d&deptid=4334&pfid=LDS16541
Happy shopping!

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